Sunday, September 16, 2012

1D Infection, New Movie, Updates, AG Stuff-LONGISH but PLZ READ

So....This post is a mixture of about 1,000,000,000 different things. Well, not really, but here we go again!!!!!!!!

One Direction Infection

Do you guys want me to do it? I have received some "Awesome do its" but I haven't made a trailer, BTW I am making that!! I have about 2 episodes filmed, and the third is going to be shorter than the first two, or maybe I am mixing the third and fourth up. I am planning to continue, but if I post it, it will seriously be kinda awkward...I don't think I will. If I don't, I'll def. post my in-the-making movie!!!

Movie- Emma's Special Job

So I've filmed one part of this, and it could turn into a series, but I've done a bit. Its turning out AWESOME and I'm editing, but let me know if you want this either!!! I've got a Back-to-School video planned but I don't know if I'll be able to finish filming it. It'll probably be up by October 15th, because then I have to do my Dolloween  Special, and then do my Thanksgiving Thursday, and then about 12 Christmas vids, because we have a Christmas Movie, Holiday Cheer series, and more planned. This will be a busy time. Oh, and November and December hold lots of DollyBdays and one human bday!! Not mine, but one of my sisters.


This whole post is about updates, but I have more. I recently got some posters for my room and I have a few celeb mags, do you think I should make a mini dolly version?? I actually printed out a cover yesterday...What do you think?? Oh, and BTW, I forgot to take pics of some other UK dolly sized stuffs!! Like, a UK pillow, mug, and a few more etcs. I am also planning a soccer movie called Aggressive. It should be my January one, but the plot is amazing so I might just film episodes of that rather than Emma's Special Job Movie....Just because Emma Job will take four more episodes to finish, and yeah.

I am being SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO confusing currently, because I have explained tons of videos and then cancelled them, take them up again, and UGHHH!!!!!! This is why we should do a Google+ hangout for me to explain. I'd prob hold my doll up not me, and yeah....but just PLEEASE comment your G+ profile name and I'll follow you and yeah!!!! I mean I'll put you in my circles and all of this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I have to go uber badly, but I'll be back on soon!!


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