Saturday, August 11, 2012

Something I Got (AG)

Hi guys! I went to Hamley's Build a Bear workshop and I got....

An outfit and a bag!! Yay!!! Here are some quick pics I took in the hotel room...



This outfit comes with; a tee and a miniskirt.

The tee shirt has a bright redneck line and a ribbon sticking out till the sleeve. Three jewels are attached to the ribbon. The graphics are the Tower Bridge, a double decker bus, Big Ben, and a girl holding shopping bags.
The miniskirt has the British flag on the front, and a red button (satisfactory to eyes!). The backside is plain white and has two big pockets.
I also got a tote bag for the dolls. It also has a British flag on the front, and is Red on the backside.

I really like these things I got, and definitely recommend them. Although I do think, if you don't like bright and patriotic colors, I'd say triple-think the outfit and bag.


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