Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Doll Series...Might try and Post it!!!

So...I came up with a series idea and I am SOOOO into it!!! I just dressed up the dolls and did their hair for the first few episodes, and I'm hoping to start on them today!!!!

AGD Series

The dolls hear a 1D song on the radio and think its cool, so they look it up online. They get a Twitter and tweet the guys and follow them, but just occasionally. They don't have the disease-yet. Then they read a teen mag- J-14, BOP, and Tiger Beats, and 1D is all over!! They start getting super-obsessed. They go for their checkups at the doctor and they are diagnosed with--ONE DIRECTION INFECTION!!!! Then they enter a singing contest for tickets and backstage passes and tour bus passes for the 1D upcoming (SOLD OUT FLAST!!!!!!!!!!!) concert. They win and get all these things...AND THEN ITS A SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHA

This series is going to be held out until possibly Thanksgiving, when we start doing our Christmas Movie and thinking of ideas for next series!!! Or, possibly another movie....

Comment below what you guys think!! I'll try and get a trailer up and upload some pics, but that may not happen until tomorrow :( The pics are coming, but they're kinda crummy, I had to take it on webcam because my camera is charging and I'm importing and exporting...and setting up the stage for the first episode, which I'm filming in about 10mins!!

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  1. Wow! Really cool idea! Can't wait to see what happens! -Just Jamie