Thursday, August 30, 2012

AG Doll Hair Salon!! And: Updates, with School and Such


This is going to be a longish post, mainly because school starts Tuesday for me, and its time to get back in the groove, not sleeping late, not lounging in pjs, not going on the PC 24/7. It'll be hard work, homework, projects, etc. So, I am going to a fun part near the end, and first comes the updates and such.

I am going to have a hard year in school. I will try and post AT LEAST once or twice a week, possibly more. The first few days of school our teachers keep homework laid back a bit, and the second week you don't know what hit you. I'm already freaking out, and I remember last year was a hurricane of work, work, work, and I somehow managed to keep blogging. Don't know if that'll happen this year. Weekends are supposed to feel like a luxurious getaway, but I'm not so sure......

And nowwww.....DOLL HAIR SALON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So recently Jasmine and I have been obsessed with doing and redoing our dolls' hair. It was lots of fun, especially the day we attacked the curly, wavy hair. MAG #55 and our renamed Kanani (Petal/Pearl) or still waiting, though. We finished Kanani (the regular one) within 3 hours. Not bad, huh? Well, we refilled our spray bottle with water 34 times throughout Kanani's "appointment". Her hair, damp enough to be coming out of the shower, looked AMAZING in curls. Now, currently, we are going to do Deepika (a JLY, not sure which number) in curlers. We have a few, and we are deciding big or small!! Wish us luck...I don't have pictures, but I'll get them to you guys ASAP!!! Emma and the rest have beautiful hair, and I'll try and redo everyones' hair before school, because I won't be able to change them until a weekend or something!! So yeah!!

Do you guys want me to put One Direction Infection up? If so, I'd better start filming again and editing too! I have the first two episodes ready, and the next MILLION are soon-to-come!!

Thanks for supporting me!!!

-The AGCrafter

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