Friday, July 27, 2012

New Videos I Made...I'll Post ASAP!

Here are descriptions of my new videos...DETAILED, and I figured out how to post them FINALLY, so as soon as I finish editing, I'll be posting them!!!!!!

1. I'm Hungry AGSM

I got really bored when my sisters and dad were watching a movie, so I grabbed my camera, tripod, and doll and started taking pictures. I got tired of running from the doll to the camera before the doll fell (I was using an unsteady doll xD). I began taking shots from a  different angle, and it worked MUCH better. It turned out REALLY good, but nothing compared to basilmentos.

2. Kanani's Summer Photoshoot

I actually got my hands on the super-good photography camera, and I just kept on snapping pics of Kanani, who looked super chic in her purple tank and pinkish leggings. I loved it and I think it turned out REALLY well.

3. Emma's Summer Photoshoot

When I was done with Kanani, I grabbed Emma in her Cozy Sweater Outfit and snapped some great photos.

Well, there was a bit of catch in the last two videos. I have these boy neighbors who are SUPERnosey and their house is ABOVE ours-looking into our yard. Well, the whole time I was doing photoshoots, they were teasing me about "playing" with dolls. Thing is, I am TWO YEARS OLDER THAN THEM. SO I told them off. I was like, "Do you guys like action figures and toy cars?!" And they were like,"yeah." Because thats what we gave them for Christmas. "THOSE are dolls." I tell them. They ran back inside their house. I quickly finished Emma's shoot and came back inside.

4. Emma's On the Grass! AGSM

I made a supersmall AGSM with my cousin Sierra where Emma sits on the ground and gets up. That's totally it, and then she had to go play with my sisters :(

5. Emma's Walk AGSM

Then, I gave up with making a stop motion with Sierra and I made my own short one of Emma walking down a little pathway in our yard. It's pretty short, but I like the angles and I think it turned out nicely.

6. Dolls Go for FroYo! AGSM

In this AWESOME stop motion, Julie and Emma go for chachaberry FroYo. (Frozen Yogurt) They each get their favorite flavor and a few toppings. They sit down an eat their yogurt, and yeah! Kanani is the clerk.

Thx for reading!!!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!

-Alyssa, AGCrafter

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