Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I will Stand+AG Challenge+Thx for 1000!

Hey guys!!!!!!!
I have watched every single AGyoutube (AGTube) video saying that either:
1. They are leaving
2. They will stand will never close their channels and that stuff

I hate
I love

So, in honor of "I will Stand" videos, I'd like to hold a contest-yes, another one!

This time, by August 30th, you should comment why you love AG and if you will do 1 or 2/
The most emotional one will win a photo of a secret craft I am making! Comment below, best of luck!

So, if you keep up with AGyoutube AKA AGTube, you'll know about the "AG Challenge" by agforeverandalwayz

Well, we AGTubers (and non-AGTubers like me who love AGTube) want AG to put an article in their magazines and catalogues talking about how it's okay to like dolls. And, we want them to promote AGTube!!!!!!!!!!!! We are:
Calling AG
E-mailing AG
Talking to AGP employees
about this matter. We should:
Email Once
Call a lot and talk to different employees
Talk to AGP employees a few times with updates and such!
Please help and join the AG Challenge!

Last but not least in this VERY informative and updating blog post,

THANKS FOR 1,000 VIEWS, FELLOW AG CRAFTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness gracious me. In my whole entire blogging career, 1000 views never seemed to hit me. I just totally freaked. I am so serious. OMGGM. Thank you SOSOSOSOSOSOSO much, AG Crafters viewers. Thanks for getting me here, I am so amazed at your viewing ability HAHAHA!

Well, so long until next post, likely to be when I have 1,100 views LOL
-AG Crafter- Alyssa

Dear Viewers of our Mom's Blog:

Hi! This is McKenna, Emma, and Sunny typing. We just want to tell you guys a secret. Mom actually SCREECHED when she went on Blogger to check her views on all her blogs. She was excited about getting like, 100 views on a few, and then she clicked on this one (we were watching, duh!). Her eyes got all big and she SCREECHED. Then she hollered at the tops of her lungs, "I GOT 1,000 VIEWS ON AGCRAFTERS!!!!!!!!!!" And then she realized the window was open. BUT she figured out that meant she might get more  views!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Please help our Mom get to 2,000 views ASAP!!! Bye viewers!!

-McKennaJBooks, EmmaJBooks, SunnyJBooks

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