Friday, June 29, 2012

902 pageviews, OMG

I have just reached 902 page views. Ohmigosh. I have been wanting this blog to become THE BLOG. And here it is, now, at 902 page views. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! This blogs means so much to me. With school ending, I have been dying with busyness. I've really missed this blog. And then, I got a new computer. (A Mac!) i couldn't figure things out on it, and then I was busy with sketching ( And then I loved iMovie so much I used it everyday. Then I was out of town. Then I was....back!! Here I am now. At 902 page views, standing up with love and compassion for AG still. Through my 3/4 years of loving, I've developed so much, and I've grown up. One thing that I will always treasure and hold on to is my passion for AG. I love you guys, thanks for getting me to this level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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