Tuesday, April 10, 2012

to mia

dear mia,
i am in a rush so i am not using capitals...

OKAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but I think Sunny got the keyboard instead of Emma...

Dear Mia,
I am sooooooooooo sorry Sunny wrote you a note above.
ANYWAY, I am so excited I might see you tomorrow! We are school buddies and Internet friends, but all in all, we rarely see each other...
Also, I guess my Mom wants me to say crafts are coming tomorrow...
Bye Mia! I miss You!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Lila,
My sisters are McKenna, a MAG #42, a JLY #27 I think. Oh and I am just guessing but is your fave color Yellow?? I know a Lila and she loves Easter Bunnies- so obviously her fave colors are pink and yellow!!
My fave animals are Pekingese dogs, and all right, I admit, I do think bunnies are cute. I also love giraffes. And dolphins and monkeys. And I hate Neon Green Naked Mole Rats!!!
Bye Lila!!

Ok, it is me, the owner of this blog. I am in the making of a new blog. I will post when it is aired!!

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