Saturday, March 31, 2012

Break Is On+Mia!

Hi guys! I am on break now! I'll be outta town for 5 days yo. (haha yoo....get it)
Anyways, over break and whenever I feel like it I will write letters to "MIA" my doll's friend. Mia will comment anonymously, saying "DEAR EMMA" "FROM MIA". If you aren't Mia, comment your name and Emma can write you a letter too.

Dear Mia,
I want a playdate with you really badly! Does next week on Friday work? Maybe your "grandma" and my "grandma" can work something out! Tell your "mom" that my "Mom" says hi. Keep practicing "Have Ya Heard?" ! 
From Emma

OK, see you all. Crafts are coming, perhaps later today if my scanner gets better!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Emma,
    My name is Lila. I want you to write to me like you write to Mia.
    Love, Lila