Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hi guys, sorry for being gone...:(
Valentine's Day is coming up, and that morning my family always gives each other a box full of little treats and toys and goodies. My dolls are preparing for this amazing event- for all of them its their first year doing this annual event! I am sooooooo sorry....I am relying on this blog to post updates on, even though I should do it on a seperate blog. No more crafts until later today or tomorrow....Sorry again. we will definitely be hanging up more posters in my doll room (haha random sentence)
I am sooooooo crazy sometimes:)
My mom's birthday is coming up at the end of the week, and on Saturday we are going to the AGP for her bday lunch. WE MIGHT buy something- not sure yet....
BUt yeah... There has been tons of big updates recently like my huge updated doll room tour. Remember, I don't have a youtube but I will try and post a doll room tour from my iPad tonight. Better go start that now...
So yeah! Comment, follow me, and yeah!
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  1. Hey awesome my family does the same thing :D
    sorry i havent followed u my account is private LOL but i check all the time and i'll try and keep up w/ my comments

    1. @kellyss
      oh cool- dont worry about following if u dont have a google... so yeah

  2. Replies
    1. @lilacflower23
      AGP stands for American Girl Place
      Note: don't comment stuff like that...i think I mentioned what it stands for in an earlier post.