Monday, February 13, 2012

Hi Guys!

So yeah it's me again :) LOL
I promise you promise you promise you more templates are headed your way. I haven't been able to download the PDF file yet, but they ARE hot on the press...
I finished my homework in less than five minutes and I did NOT do it hastily!!!
So that just means I have until past 7:30 to do whatever I want! So yay! I have noticed a TON of people are commenting now, which makes me happy. My FAQ page is going to become longer and longer!!!!
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I am hoping to get some lovey  dovey crafts up tonight...
OK, so NOBODY has checked out my shared blog, :( so I have to tell you something.
WEAR PURPLE SHIRTS ON SATURDAY, APRIL 21ST 2012!!!! Its International Purple Shirt Day! The first annual! YAY!!!!
So yeah I will post again in a bit...Gotta go eat some spaghetti- bye!

1 comment:

  1. wow guys its me kellyss
    i know i know i comment alot
    i am becoming a follower
    if i figure out how