Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Happy new year! I got back to school Monday, Jan 2.  Sorry if you've been waiting about the new GOTYs 2012! Its McKenna Brooks, and yes, I want her! I just got the Journey Girls loft bed, but I want McKenna's BADLY:). So, I will add a bed underneath the loft bed,  and then if I get McKenna, that's her bed! I might go to the AG place in two weeks with a good friend of mine... :)
There, I'll see what I'm getting, or else I get it for my Birthday in June. So, yeah. Sorry if you're waiting for a new template, I might get one out sometime soon. If you have McKenna, or her loft bed, or whatever, review it in the comments! And, if you an AG blog, put the link in the comments. By the way, did you like my AG quiz? Comment below and tell me! See ya!

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