Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ok, so if you didn't know, on Monday I went on a Doll Shopping Spree. I bought an outfit from AG and the Doll Dining book, plus a mini book, mini wristbands-those last two things I got from ToysRUs. I also got the JourneyGirls BunkBed set from ToysRUs. IT IS AWESOME!!!!! Only 54 bucks- so great yet less than Julie's Bed and bedding from AG! Go to ToysRUs's website to check out JourneyGirls. So yeah!

And now, why did I bring that up? Because today I am going to Michaels! Pretty please comment and tell me what you like from there. Comment even months after I have posted this- I'll go again and use your suggestions! For now, I am getting:
Springfield doll clothing, chairs for my dolls, craft foam, felt, cardstock, pillow fluff,  and fabric/material. Oh, and the fun duct tape and regular duct tape. Only and Michaels, they call it "Duck" Tape in the crafts.
So, thats my OMG news, 'cause I forgot to tell you!
And your on my blog!

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