Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hello, and welcome to my blog! I will post craft tutorials and links to other blogs. I also, have an Etsy which I share with a really close friend, so she will be on this blog sometimes, too. I haven't put anything for sale on my Etsy shop, so just keep a lookout. I should be putting things up after Thursday, December 29th. If not, in the New Year's first month. Do not bother looking for me on YouTube- I don't have an account, but I really want one, and if I get one I'll post the link to my Channel. But for now, look at My Etsy and here, on my blog. So, yeah! Hope you enjoy my blog! My e-mail is listed, but I hardly check it. So, if you have a question, check my FAQ page, which is coming! I am so excited to see your doll using my craft ideas! If you have a Youtube, comment and tell me- I'll check it out! If your doll just loves the crafts, comment and tell me!
Enjoy my blog!
P.S. OK this PS is written on Feb 20: the etsy has been deleted

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