Friday, December 30, 2011

18 Inch Doll Book Template

 Glue this to a corner of a black or purple piece of craft foam. then, leaving just enough space to fold the foam, cut it out. Then, before you fold, decide if you want it to open or close. If open, staple blank paper (or scrap paper) inside as pages. If stay closed, glue the insides shut. This template only includes Beacon Street Girls books. Search a different book on Google Images, but this is my template. Happy crafting!

That's all I have.
By the way, the reason I am blogging a lot is because I am on winter break, so I get bored and go online a lot. For my FAQ page, you must comment your questions. Every month or so, I will read four questions and respond on my homepage. As for Requests, I will try to do all of them. I am sewing some stuff for my Etsy, so my fellow Etsy owner and I are getting together next week to begin selling. That's all my updates. School starts January 2nd for me, so I'll be slowing down on my blog.
Bye for this post, got to go make another-LOL:)

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